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As a former teacher, I am passionate about connecting with students in whatever way possible---in person, virtually, or through letters. My talks are geared for elementary through sixth grade.
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School visit topics

  • Wondering: How A Book Takes Shape (1st-6th grade)
  • Dottie Bing: Using Questions to Find Answers (1st-6th grade)
  • The Power of Humor: Classroom Investigation and Writing Tools for Humor (3rd-6th grade)
  • Revising: A.K.A The Writing Process (3rd-6th Grade)
  • Fact and Fiction: How a Writer Uses Both (3rd-6th grade)
  • Tree Houses: Building a Story (2nd-4th grade)
  • Same and Different: Creating Stories (K-2nd grade)

A great visit checklist

  • Have students think of questions in advance – maybe write them down so they don’t forget!
  • Teacher and aides stay in the classroom.
  • One class at a time works best. If that is difficult then no more than 100 children at a time.
  • A library or a classroom is a perfect setting for an author visit. 
  • Make my books available to students. A visit is more meaningful if the students have heard the work.

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