About Molly

Molly B. Burnham grew up in Washington DC. She has been a dog walker, ice-cream scooper, and worked in a number of secondhand bookshops. School was sometimes hard for her, but none-the-less she went on to hold a Masters in Elementary Ed., and then to teach kindergarten, third grade, and in a therapeutic school for middle and high school children. Later, she earned an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Hamline University and went on to win the beloved Sid Fleischman Award for Humor. Molly lives in Western Massachusetts with her family where you can find her writing, walking, teaching college students (and sometimes playing ping pong). Most importantly, though, is that she loves to laugh and she takes humor extremely seriously.
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Stuff that makes me me.

I am 8 here. I am celebrating that I didn't throw up on the sailboat.
Halloween. My sister is the toilet and I am the sink. (THANKS DAD!)
Meow. My name is Gesar.
Our beloved dog, Pepito
I love ping pong.
Me at 14 with my cat, Spot.

Frequently asked questions

Favorite color Blue, yellow, black, pink
Favorite animals All of them
Favorite activity in summer Swimming
Favorite activity in fall Walking
Favorite activity in winter Sledding
Favorite activity in spring Walking
Birthday January 26
Favorite smell Warm toast
How long does it take you to write a book Too long
What makes you laugh Marcel the Shell by Jenny Slate
Favorite activity to do on a rainy day Read a book
Favorite food Veggies and rice
Favorite dessert Ice cream
Something you didn’t like about school Tests
Something you wish you could do Fly
Something important for people to do Be creative in their own, original, fantastic way

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