The Infinite Questions of Dottie Bing


An enchanting middle grade about navigating the odd spaces between grieving and everyday living, and learning to carry sadness in one hand, and joy in the other. (From Penguin Random House)

If there’s one thing ten-year-old Dottie Bing learned from her grandma Ima, it’s that any problem can be solved if you ask the right question. And because life is full of so many problems, Dottie Bing is already a champion question-asker. But when Ima dies and Dottie’s Grandpa Walter comes to stay (and stay, and stay!) he brings the biggest problem Dottie has ever encountered---a broken heart.

For the first time in her life, Dottie isn’t sure what question to ask. Luckily, there are a lot of other problems (and questions) on her mind: How can someone look happy but feel sad? Can someone who used to annoy you ever become a friend? And the scariest of all: are there any problems the right question can’t solve?

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What people are saying

Kirkus, starred review

“[A] brilliant mix of a plot…embellished with black-and-white illustrations… Profound in its own sparkling, humorous way.”

School Library Journal

“Delightful… An endearing story about grief and friendship that will resonate with readers.”

Publishers Weekly

“A warm and compassionate tale about myriad paths toward healing.”

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What people are saying

Publishers Weekly

“A highly entertaining debut. Delightfully rambunctious black and white sketches elevate the comedy, while Teddy’s hard-nosed perseverance with the aid of friends new and old, takes world record-making to hilarious new heights.”


“This heartwarming story starts the Teddy Mars series on a hilarious foot, tracing one boy’s struggle to stand out in a big family, one failed record-breaking attempt after another. Once the wreckage is cleared, what’s left is a loving family that celebrates one another for exactly who they are.”

Literacy Daily

“There’s a lot to love here: a quirky family, an eccentric next door neighbor, best friends, and a dream come true.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Engaging first-person narration, ample drama and bizarre actual world records. Fans of world-record quests will savor Teddy’s efforts..”

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