About Molly

squirrel(aka more information than you’ll ever want or need to know)

Molly was born in 1967 and grew up in Washington D.C. For the first part of her childhood the only technology in the house was a typewriter (Molly’s parents are writers also), a telephone, a refrigerator, and a very small black and white TV. If you’ve never had a black and white TV, it’s a lot like a black and white dream. If you’ve never had a black and white dream, you could watch an old TV show like I Love Lucy, which Molly thinks is very funny. Molly likes things that make her laugh like comedy improv, Marcell the Shell, and fart jokes.

But back to black and white dreams, Molly used to dream a lot in black and white, especially scary dreams. As a kid she had a lot of scary dreams. Actually, she still has scary dreams.
molly burnham drawing

Molly’s first job was walking a dog named Natasha. She likes dogs a lot, and even has one named Pepito. He loves to walk. She also has a couple of kids who like to walk too, but not quite as much as Pepito. They all like to swim. Their names are Adelaide and Georgia, or Georgia and Adelaide (depending on the order you use). If you look at a map of the world you will find their names. This was an accident, although Molly does like to travel.


Molly also has a husband, who is her best friend. He is a painter. It’s cool because he makes art with paint and she makes art with words. Sometimes they run out of things to talk about because they think about their art so much. That’s when it’s nice to have kids. Kids always get grown-ups talking. Kids have a lot to say and most of it is really fun to listen to. Usually, everyone gets along, but like all families, sometimes they fight.

Molly loves working with children so she became a teacher, but now she writes full-time. She still likes hanging out with kids, but because it takes her soooo long to write a book she can’t teach, too. If only she could write faster then she could still be a teacher.

Molly super loves and is always amazed by The Guinness Book of World Records and all the folks who break records. She remembers looking at it when she was little. It’s hard to believe that back then the pictures were all black and white (the same as the TV). But don’t feel bad for her. It was a long time ago and she didn’t care because she didn’t know anything else.