Author Visits

As a former teacher, I am passionate about connecting with students in whatever way possible—in person, in a video chat, or through letters.

My talks are geared for kindergarten through sixth grade. One of my favorite sayings is: The map is not the terrain. My topics are the map, but I need to respond to the terrain. You, your school, your classroom, your students are the terrain. Visiting a school is a collaboration so be sure to tell me your needs or concerns. This way I can support your students.

I do whole school assemblies or by grade or classroom. Presentations last 50 to 60 minutes. Writers workshops are more flexible.

Molly presented to my third graders about the writer’s craft, focusing on character development. Through Molly’s engaging, humorous and interactive talk, the children got to see that a professional writer grapples with the same questions and challenges as they do.
( Kim Gerould, 3rd grade teacher, Northampton Public Schools )


  • Wonderment: Where All Stories Begin
  • Metaphor: How We Use Language to Paint a Picture
  • Revising: aka The Writing Process
  • Characters: Same and Different, How I Draw From Both (specifically for K, 1, and 2)
  • Humor: How to Write Funny


  • The teacher and aides should be with the children.
  • I prefer one class at a time, but can do up to 100 children, as necessary.
  • A library or a classroom is a perfect setting for an author visit.
  • What month were you hoping to have your school visit? Please give me a few options when contacting me.
  • Make some of my books available to your students. A visit is more meaningful if the students have heard the work of the person giving the presentation.
  • Have the students think of questions they would like to ask – about my books, the writing process or about being an author. If they write the questions down, they don’t forget!



Speaking to Adults: I am happy and perfectly capable to talk to adults. I love thinking and talking about craft issues like character, humor, or theme. I also am enthralled by the creative process, and educational pedagogy.

All Children: I am committed to the idea that all children should have an opportunity to meet authors. If you are a Title I school in Western MA, let’s talk!